Volleyball Tournament

July 14, 2018

On Saturday 14th of July 2018 this year’s SCoPE Volleyball tournament took place on campus. Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all participants, supporters, players, and helpers!

  1. Die Schlechtschmetterfront (IHFG)
  2. Lentopallo (PI5)
  3. Condensed Schmetter (PI1)
  4. Quantensprung (PI3)
  5. Old Schmetterhand & Friends (ISYS)
  6. Sometimes Dangerous (PI4)
  7. Institut für geiles Zeug (INT)
  8. Gut und günstig (IfSW)
  9. Gaußbusters (IfSW)
  10. Im-Po-Sand (IHFG)
  11. Schmetter to the Editor (IHFG)
  12. Nanoskills (PI4)
  13. O. Westen (ITO)
  14. Botte (ITO)

… and the teams

  • Mostly Harmless (PI4)
  • Panama (FMQ)
  • Venichterli (PI3)
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