Participating Institutes and Competencies of SCoPE

Faculty 5 - Informatics, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Institute for Large Area Microelectronics (IGM)


  • Large Area Microelectronics
  • Liquid Crystal Technology
  • Organic Electronics
  • Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
  • External Driving of Flat Panel Displays
Institute for Semiconductor Engineering (IHT)


  • Group-IV-hetero-epitaxy based on molecular beam epitaxy
  • Group-IV-based active photonic devices and photonic integrated circuits for chip2chip and intra-chip communication
  • Group-IV-based CMOS-compatible nanoelectronics, spintronics, plasmonics and quantum electronics
  • Silicon-based power electronic devices and Silicon-based HF devices and concepts
Institute of Electrical and Optical Communication Engineering (INT)


  • Integrated Circuits in CMOS
  • Power Amplifier
  • Optical Components
  • Integrated Bipolar-Circuits


Institute for Photovoltaics


  • Highly Efficient Solar Cells and Modules based on Crystalline Silicon
  • Laser Processing for Semiconductor Materials and Devices
  • Semiconductor Sensors for Medical Engineering
  • Semiconductor Characterization Techniques
  • Photovoltaic System Technology
Institute of Smart Sensors (IIS)


  • Modeling and practical implementation of new intelligent sensor concepts
  • Sensors for industrial applications
  • Sensors for materials research and biomedical issues
  • Research of novel quantum sensors and their required peripherals

Faculty 7 - Construction, Industrial and Automotive Engineering

Institut für Strahlwerkzeuge


  • Laser Development
  • Laser Optics
  • Laser Material Processing
  • System Engineering
Institute for System Dynamics (ISYS)


  • Adaptive Optics
  • Optomechatronics
  • Process Technologies
  • Systems Biology
  • Automotive
  • Large Scale Robotics
Institute for Applied Optics (ITO)


  • 3D-Surface Metrology
  • Active Optical Systems
  • High Resolution Metrology and Simulation
  • Interferometry and Diffractive Elements
  • Coherent Measurement Techniques
  • Optical Design and Simulation

Faculty 8 - Mathematics and Physics

1st Physics Institute (1. PI)


  • Optical meta-materials
  • Polarization properties of strong light scatterers
3rd Physics Institute (3. PI)


  • Biophysics
  • Diamond magnetometry
  • Quantum spintronics with diamond spins
  • Nanoparticle photonics
  • Molecular dynamics simulation
  • Magnetooptics of rare earth systems
  • Graphene, nonlinear optics and photonics
4th Physics Institute (4. PI)


  • Ultrafast Nanooptics
  • Nonlinear Plasmonics
  • Nanofabrication
  • Plasmonic Sensing and Hybrid Systems
  • Ultrafast Spectroscopy
  • Numeric Simulations
Institut für Halbleiteroptik und funktionale Grenzflächen

  • Development for single photon sources
  • Semiconductor Optics
  • Material Research with Nuclear Probes and Ion Beams
  • Microlaser
  • Development for single photon sources
5th Physics Institute (5. PI)


  • Dipolar Quantum gases
  • Hot Atoms in microcells
  • Giant Rydberg Atoms in ultracold quantum gases
  • Cold Molecules

Institute for Functional Matter and Quantum Technologies (FMQ) - Integrated Quantum Optics


  • Quantum Algorithms
  • Quantum Networks
  • Demonstration of Quantum Effects

Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR)

Institute for Technical Physics


  • Detection and Removal of Space Debris
  • Laser-based remote detection of harmful and hazardous substances
  • Long-Range Laser Effectors
  • Laser-based flight instruments (air data)



SCoPE Research Center

Pfaffenwaldring 57, D-70569 Stuttgart, University of Stuttgart

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