Webinar: Recent Advances in Optical Fiber-Based Supercontinuum Generation

11. April 2022

Webinar bei Thibaut Sylvestre, supported by Optica Monday April 11, 4 pm


In this webinar hosted by the Fiber Modeling and Fabrication Technical Group, Thibaut Sylvestre will review a selection of recent advances in supercontinuum (SC) generation in a range of specialty optical fibers, including fluoride, chalcogenide, telluride, and silicon-core fibers for the MIR, UV-grade silica fibers and gas-filled hollow-core fibers for the UV range; and all-normal dispersion fibers for ultralow-noise coherent SC generation. Sylvestre will summarize the significant developments that have been made in reaching target UV and MIR wavelength ranges, and ultra-low noise coherent SC sources. As the result, the fiber SC has matured considerably to become a truly disruptive technology able to meet a range of societal and industrial challenges.


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