Talk: Artificial Sense Technology

20. Oktober 2022

Please join the talk given by Prof. Xiaodong Chen (NTU, Singapore) 2. Phys. Institute, Pfaffenwaldring 57, room 5.319


Artificial senses refer to the emulation of human’s basic senses and assimilate them to functional devices and systems to help us understand and perceive the world around us. This research topic of artificial senses is transdisciplinary and lies at the confluence of materials science, bioengineering, medical sciences, electrical engineering, and computer science. Some use cases, including enhanced sensory capabilities to overcome physical human limitations, improved robotic capabilities and diagnostics with smart information processing, and prosthetics and health-monitoring devices to improve quality of life, are drawing much attention. In this talk, I will present some latest progress in artificial tactile and olfaction with the viewpoint from materials development, sensor fabrication, information processing, and system integration. Artificial senses would be a new enabling technology to construct next-generation intelligent devices and systems, paving the way for advanced soft robotic applications, rehabilitation, prosthetics, and so on.



Prof. Dr. Laura Na Liu,

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